It’s been well documented how the furniture industry is, unfortunately, responsible for a significant amount of pollution and emissions which harm the environment. At Fríant, we’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint and finding new, innovative ways in which to manufacture more cleanly and responsibly. Here’s a rundown of just some of the methods and processes we’ve implemented to ensure we’re doing our part to be kinder to the planet.

Wood Sourcing + Wood Products 

We source our manufactured wood byproducts from providers that don’t harm endangered species or environments. We also don’t just meet but exceed California’s standards for composite wood products to reduce formaldehyde emissions. 

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle! 

From production to shipment, we’re constantly finding ways to reuse materials where we can. We utilize recycled materials in our products and shipping materials, and we also blend recycled polyester fibers into our fabrics. Additionally, we reconfigure designs to maximize yardage per roll. On the shipping side of the business, more than 75% of our product is shipped on a reusable wood pallet, shrink wrapped with plastic that’s recyclable. 

Save Your Energy 

To reduce our energy consumption, we’ve installed LED-sensory lights in our warehouses and factories. Rather than leaving lights on for hours even if crews aren’t actively in a room or area, these lights turn off when there’s no movement and turn on when crews enter the space. These lights have also been installed in our San Leandro HQ showroom and offices, ensuring our employees have light when they need it but that we’re not wasting energy when they don’t. 

Clearing the Air 

The pollution we can’t see is often some of the most destructive, so we’ve made efforts to reduce our emissions in meaningful ways. We combine deliveries where possible to decrease the number of vehicles we put on the road. All of our glue and adhesives are manufactured with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and contain no chlorinated solvents. All of our finishes, glues, and adhesives are GREENGUARD certified or equivalent. 

GREENGUARD is a voluntary program that verifies that products have low chemical emissions, especially VOCs, and are suitable for indoor spaces. Products which receive this certification have been tested and evaluated to meet stringent chemical emissions limits. It’s important to us that our employees and customers work with, on, and around surfaces and products that take their health into account, so we’re proud to choose these GREENGUARD-certified materials for our production.

Fríant is focused on reducing our environmental impact and establishing practices that protect us today and prepare us for tomorrow. From materials and shipping to finishes and textiles, we’re utilizing resources and creating products which give customers confidence that they can count on us to support earth-friendly manufacturing. We’re always looking for new opportunities to improve our sustainability and foster a greener way of living. 

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