Ergonomics & style, it's time to Tango.

Ergonomic support and flexibility combine with iconic design to deliver task seating with new moves. It takes two to Tango.

Task Seating with new moves

We are thrilled to introduce you to our Tango chair. Tango’s adaptive design blends a sleek modern aesthetic with key ergonomic points that provide essential support to the sacrum while allowing the spine to follow a natural “S shape” line. Range of motion is easy with Tango’s Flex-Adjust frame that combines sleek minimalist style with industry-leading design to deliver a seamless experience between the Tango chair and the user. Breathable mesh keeps things cool and provides added comfort. The durable multilayer foam seat and adjustable armrests provide additional key points for comfort. Additionally, height adjustment and seat slider help fine-tune the user experience.

Iconic design

Tango features both functionality and beauty. The appearance is simple and stylish with a unique curved suspended backrest, making it an eye-catcher that exudes modern style and design. The curvature of the elastic mesh backrest supports the sacrum steadily, allowing your spine to maintain a natural “S” shape, forming solid and comfortable support.


With two bold color options, you can select the style that is right for you and your space. With a full range of adjustments including a seat slider, 3d arm rests, and tension lock you get to fine-tune your experience. It takes two to tango.


With key ergonomics points and a centralized pivot point, Tango moves where you do and keeps your spine aligned and supported for hours of comfort.


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Height: 38”- 42”

Width: 22”- 25”

Seat Height Range: 17”- 21”

Seat Depth: 18.5”

Seat Width: 20”

Arm Height: 8”- 11”

Seat Slider Range: 2”

Armrest Pivot Range: 3”

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