The Pog II Collection

The Pog II Collection

Friant Furniture Soft Seating Workplace Render - Hanno_Pog II_Collections

Connect, Grow & Inspire

Practical yet playful, Pog II encourages a soft spot to sit, work, and share. With the Pog II collection you have three surface sizes to choose from to create the environment you want. Wherever you go, Pog II can go with you.
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Pog Ottoman II Large

Make it a seat, use it as a table, or kick your feet up. The large Pog II allows people to use it any way they choose. Create space and collaborate while staying comfortable and productive.

Pog Ottoman II Medium

Wherever guests migrate, Pog II gives them a way to stay productive and comfortable. This versatile stool works in a variety of ways and is a valuable addition to any seating arrangement.

Pog Stool II Small

Bring small groups together with Pog II. Working in a variety of ways and space, use this versatile stool to create space or collaborative hubs.

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