The Nik Collection

The Nik Collection

Friant Furniture Soft Seating Nik Workplace Render - Lounge Chair & Ottoman

Make a Statement with Nik

The Nik Collection makes a statement in any office with an elevated and modern design setting it apart from the other collections. Its slightly reclined, shell shape hugs you while its high back provides full support. Nik’s felt textile offers a seamless feel adding to the modern look of this refined chair. The ottoman continues to create relaxation and functionality to deliver a premium experience.
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Nik Lounge Chair

Nik’s unique shape and elevated design instantly draws guests in when looking for a place to sit. The enveloping high back achieves full support, while creating a statement in any space.

Nik Ottoman

Kick your feet up and continue your relaxation with the Nik ottoman. It’s swivel base glides smoothly providing functionality and encouraging total comfort.

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