My-Hite Beam

An Organized Power Solution

Friant Beam

Power When You Need It

Our My-Hite Beam is an open benching power option, allowing you to control all the data and power that a modern office needs while minimizing a mess of cords. It delivers power and data for the My-Hite adjustable tables, keeping your workspace organized while powering multiple devices. Beam works well for any open plan solution and private office furniture.

Various Configurations

This system allows for multiple different additions including a 120-degree connection, regular straight work surfaces and typical benching applications. You can easily expand onto your space as well.

Easy Installation

My-Hite Beam has minimal parts, making it quick and easy to install.

Cord Organization

Organization is easy with Beam’s wire management feature. It allows cords to be hidden and condensed for a clean look.

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