We are Fríant

About Friant

Our mission is to evolve to allow our customers to do more and reach further whether you’re working in a high rise or the guest bedroom. Our joy is seeing a harmonious space come together and smiling, industrious people.

Design, Build, Install, Inspire

Established in 1989 in a garage in Oakland, California, Friant has grown to own and operate facilities across the world. 

Our U.S. presence stretches from coast to coast with dealers, showrooms, and representatives across the states, and domestic manufacturing and warehouse facilities in California and Virginia.

Our global sourcing and supply chain allows for rapid response to customer demand and a reliable inventory supply so customers can outfit their offices quickly and get to work!

Embracing A Green Sensibility

At Fríant, we believe in leading by example and strive to keep our proverbial neighborhood as green as possible. We actively consider environmental impact during our design, manufacturing, and shipping processes:


  • Utilizing recycled materials in our products and shipping materials
  • Blending recycled polyester fibers in our fabrics and reconfiguring designs to maximize the yardage per roll
  • Using LED-sensory lights in our warehouses and factories
  • Sourcing our manufactured wood byproducts from providers that don’t harm endangered species or environments
  • Meeting and exceeding the California standards for composite wood products to reduce formaldehyde emissions
  • Combining deliveries to reduce vehicle emissionsProposition 65 Warning
    Fabric Flammability Warning

Meet our Founder

Paul Fríant has worked in the furniture design and manufacturing business for more than 30 years. His ideas about evolving the manufacturing of durable, comfortable, affordable office furniture led him to found Friant in 1989, operating out of his garage in Oakland, California.

Growing With The Times

Assisted by Paul’s brother, Marc, and their father, Andre, Friant has grown into a global company over the past three decades. The designs may have evolved with the times, but the Friant vision of providing quality full-office furniture solutions for affordable prices remains unchanged.

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