System 2

Panel System

Render of Fríant System 2 panel system in action

A Classic Look for your Workspace

System 2 is a time-honored classic. A sturdy monolithic panel system, with easy installation and practical functionality. The classic design featuring our honeycomb core construction provides the durability and flexibility to meet the needs of any office environment. System 2 is available in all standard Friant fabrics and laminates, making it simple to create a consistent look throughout your office.

Easy Installation

This system can be easily installed and reconfigured. Straightforward and practical, with its snap on bases and cantilever worksurface supports, you'll be up and running in no time.

Compatibility with Friant Systems

Think outside the cube. Add in a My-Hite adjustable table, or pull from the wide variety of Dash laminate storage. Mix and match across product lines to get the features and functionality that works for you.


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Our furniture empowers workstyles everywhere to create a workplace where all employees are valued. Browse the examples below and see how a Fríant ecosystem creates a better workplace.

Features & Benefits

Partial glazed panels

Frameless glass available

Powered and non-powered panels

Laminate, fabric and acoustical panels

Lifetime Warranty to original owner

Electrical / Technical

Pre-installed 8-wire, 4 20-amp circuits, with easy connections

Floor or ceiling connectivity

Cable lay-in capability – large 5” x 3.5” base allows for large quantities of cables

Upward of 65 Cat 6 cables in powered base, 130 cables in non-powered base


Certified by MAS for minimal off gassing

Up to 75% recyclable (all materials except wood are recyclable due to its finishes and adhesives)

Up to 45% recycled content (30% pre-consumer plus 15% post-consumer) in a typical configuration

May contribute to LEED points



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