Going Green: Sustainability at Fríant 

Going Green: Sustainability at Fríant 

It’s been well documented how the furniture industry is, unfortunately, responsible for a significant amount of pollution and emissions which harm the environment. At Fríant, we’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint and finding new, innovative ways in which to manufacture more cleanly and responsibly. Here’s a rundown of just some of the methods and processes we’ve implemented to ensure we’re doing our part to be kinder to the planet.

Wood Sourcing + Wood Products 

We source our manufactured wood byproducts from providers that don’t harm endangered species or environments. We also don’t just meet but exceed California’s standards for composite wood products to reduce formaldehyde emissions. 

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle! 

From production to shipment, we’re constantly finding ways to reuse materials where we can. We utilize recycled materials in our products and shipping materials, and we also blend recycled polyester fibers into our fabrics. Additionally, we reconfigure designs to maximize yardage per roll. On the shipping side of the business, more than 75% of our product is shipped on a reusable wood pallet, shrink wrapped with plastic that’s recyclable. 

Save Your Energy 

To reduce our energy consumption, we’ve installed LED-sensory lights in our warehouses and factories. Rather than leaving lights on for hours even if crews aren’t actively in a room or area, these lights turn off when there’s no movement and turn on when crews enter the space. These lights have also been installed in our San Leandro HQ showroom and offices, ensuring our employees have light when they need it but that we’re not wasting energy when they don’t. 

Clearing the Air 

The pollution we can’t see is often some of the most destructive, so we’ve made efforts to reduce our emissions in meaningful ways. We combine deliveries where possible to decrease the number of vehicles we put on the road. All of our glue and adhesives are manufactured with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and contain no chlorinated solvents. All of our finishes, glues, and adhesives are GREENGUARD certified or equivalent. 

GREENGUARD is a voluntary program that verifies that products have low chemical emissions, especially VOCs, and are suitable for indoor spaces. Products which receive this certification have been tested and evaluated to meet stringent chemical emissions limits. It’s important to us that our employees and customers work with, on, and around surfaces and products that take their health into account, so we’re proud to choose these GREENGUARD-certified materials for our production.

Fríant is focused on reducing our environmental impact and establishing practices that protect us today and prepare us for tomorrow. From materials and shipping to finishes and textiles, we’re utilizing resources and creating products which give customers confidence that they can count on us to support earth-friendly manufacturing. We’re always looking for new opportunities to improve our sustainability and foster a greener way of living. 

Return to Office: Designing Spaces Employees Want to Be In

Return to Office: Designing Spaces Employees Want to Be In

The state of in-office work is changing and it’s changing rapidly. The pandemic saw many employees shifting to remote work in the wake of office closures and lockdowns, but the tide is turning and employers are asking employees to make the return to office (RTO). Employers are increasingly meeting employees in the middle, with 30% of companies offering hybrid work models as of Q2 of 2023, up from 20% in Q1. And with the majority of employees still working from an office (59.1%), employees want their workspaces to be inviting and conducive to both collaboration and privacy. 

In the early to mid-2010s, it was all about open floorplans and wide, airy spaces for office design. But post-pandemic, employees are increasingly seeking higher walls and private spaces, and want more of a balance between collaborative and solo areas. According to Andy Cohen, Co-CEO and Global Co-Chair at Gensler, “What many companies don’t realize is that the office needs to give employees the space and resources for both collaborative and deep focus work, not one or the other.” It’s key for employers to design spaces that employees want to be in and return to, but for many that may be easier said than done. 

Let’s dive into our suggestions for how to build both team and solo spaces within an office, and which Fríant products can bring those design ideas to life. 

Options for Collaboration 

Open tabletops and easy reconfigurability 

Whether a team needs a quick huddle or an extended working session, they need a space that’ll make it easy for them to speak across the table, with enough room for laptops, notebooks, drinks, and more. Our solution? The Verity line. 

Verity is our benching system that’s perfect for open areas or meeting rooms and can be set up as either single-sided or double-sided as needed. It also provides easy access to power so teams aren’t scrambling to find an outlet to charge their laptops. And as teams grow and change, the configuration of Verity can easily change, as well. Need to attach more units and expand that workspace? Not a problem with this system. 

For the most ideal collaborative setups, try a double-sided configuration that enables teams to easily see each other to talk across tables, share ideas, and solve problems. 

Seating areas for a change in scenery 

Try setting up some cushy soft seating in open areas of the office. It’s nice to work somewhere other than a desk or table, and these living room-like corners can encourage great conversations that lead to great ideas. 

Pair our Aras and Petalstool seating with either our Raffe or Roke accent tables for the perfect blend of comfort, functionality, and style. The Aras comes in two sizes; the two-seater is especially nice for creating more ample seating that keeps people feeling connected, rather than simply gathering around a bunch of single chairs. Throw in our large Petalstool for some fun seating that people can share without feeling cramped, and one or two single-seater Arases or Falas for teammates who would prefer their own chair. Finally, add in some side tables or a larger coffee table from either the Raffe or Roke lines and you’ll have a great seating area teams will be fighting for (so maybe create one or two more). 

Options for Privacy 

What’s old is new again 

“Cubicle” became a bad word in office design for quite a while, synonymous with cramped boxes, drab colors, and sadness. But here at Fríant, we continue to get feedback that employees want their own space upon returning to the office, whether that’s a cubicle, a workspace shared with one other person with some partitioning, or even acoustic booths where they can take calls or do some quiet, focused work. 

We’ve got options. 

For partitioning, our Interra and Novo systems get the job done. With Interra, tiles can be switched out depending on your teams’ changing needs and preferences. Markerboard one day, windows the next. It’s also an incredibly versatile system that can be integrated with our Dash storage or overhead storage with pneumatic lifts. Similarly, the Novo can also be outfitted with overhead storage and has the option of segmented tiles that can be mixed and matched. Interra and Novo make it easy to build private workspaces for employees that also have the functionality they need to work with ease. And with different fabric choices available, you can add color and personality into these spaces. 

Minimize distractions, maximize productivity 

Whether it’s a private conversation or a case of writer’s block, sometimes your employees need a quiet, secluded space to work but don’t want to take up entire conference rooms for large groups that may need them. Our ReddiSpace acoustic booths can help. 

Available in four different sizes, ReddiSpace provides a quiet, comfortable, enclosed space with soundproofing that cuts distractions and helps employees focus. They’re powered, so employees can charge devices while they work, and the booths have casters that make them easy to roll around if you decide to change up the layout of the office. 

There’s a wide array of customizable features, from wall color to carpet color, from sofa fabric to tabletop finish and more, so you can add some character to your workplace. 

Get feedback from your organization before determining the best office structure for your workplace. Are employees wanting more private spaces over public areas or vice versa? Staying tuned into their preferences and needs will help you design a workspace they’ll look forward to coming into and will help them do their very best work. “If you want people to come in, the office has to be a place people want to go, not a place they feel obligated to go,” says Cohen. 

Be sure to explore all of our products on our site to find the pieces that will help you create an office that’s as stylish and welcoming as it is functional and efficient.

Chicago 2024 Wrap-Up: Pop-Up Showroom, Iconic Office Party, and Fríant Wins a HiP Award!

Chicago 2024 Wrap-Up: Pop-Up Showroom, Iconic Office Party, and Fríant Wins a HiP Award!

Here at Fríant, we always get excited when June rolls around because that means NeoCon is just around the corner! Last year, we held a pop-up showroom and party on the rooftop lounge of The Godfrey Hotel in Chicago during the massive industry event, and our guests loved every minute of it. This year, we decided to return to The Godfrey, where we held an iconic gathering that welcomed friends new and old — and celebrated a surprise HiP Award win! 

This year’s pop-up was all about bringing color back into the office. Taking cues from some of the masterpieces of modern art, we showed off both upcoming pieces and works-in-progress in rich, vibrant shades. From red to sage green to royal blue and beyond, we can see that color — not just neutrals — is making its way into workspaces and is here to stay. We’ve been ahead of the curve for years now, with soft seating, task seating, and panel systems available in a number of gorgeous shades and textures, but we’re adding even more colors and pieces into our lineup in the coming months. 

Additionally, this year we’re focusing on expansions and improvements for our existing lines and products. At our pop-up, we announced the following options you can look forward to starting in July 2024: 

  • ReddiSpace ADA version 
  • Interra laminate tiles will now be a standard option, available in 16”, 24”, and 32”, along with markerboard in 24” 
  • The Novo system will now have a topcap glass option 
  • We’re expanding our gallery panels and going longer, bigger, and L-shaped, with the latter constructed out of two pieces. These expanded panels will be available for Novo and Interra 

Also be on the lookout for a CET update that will introduce our Novo line into the software, which will be ready sometime later this year. 

Visitors to the pop-up were also able to sit on, touch, feel, and provide feedback on prototypes of products still in development, including both expansions to existing product lines and totally new products. But you’ll have to be patient for more details on those (coming soon)! 

On Monday, June 10, we welcomed hundreds of friendly faces to our Iconic Office party, where we ate, drank, and toasted to the incredible work of our teams, our amazing dealers and partners, and the future of Fríant. However, it also became a celebration of our first-ever HiP Award!

For 11 years, Interior Design, the industry-leading publication, website, and events company, has hosted their HiP Awards at NeoCon. These awards are meant to spotlight the products and people pushing boundaries and defining the future of design. This year, our Fala stool was nominated in the category of Workspace: Bench/Stool and on Sunday, June 9, we received the award for this category! We were so humbled and appreciative, and because of the timing our Iconic Office party became in part about celebrating our first win at the HiP Awards.

This year’s pop-up showroom and party are over, but we’re already looking forward to next year’s festivities. But in the meantime, keep an eye out for those new features and products coming in July and announcements we’ll have later in the year! Exciting things are coming from Fríant.

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