Take a glimpse inside Fríant’s manufacturing hubs and HQ showroom!

At Fríant, we have high standards and high expectations of the furniture we put our name on. Our teams in our manufacturing centers in San Leandro, CA and Suffolk, VA work hard to build, assemble, and put the finishing touches on everything we produce to ensure that the product that goes out to our customers is product we’re proud to stand behind. And as we’ve grown our line to offer a total workspace solution, our crews have evolved their skill sets to recognize even the small details on every product that should be fine-tuned and inspected before a piece is approved to be shipped. In the video above, we take a peek into our facilities to get a look at the day-to-day of our manufacturing teams and the crucial role they play in our organization.


We own and operate our manufacturing facilities in San Leandro and Suffolk, which total 800,000 square feet. Our crews combine technology and craftsmanship to cut, join, upholster, assemble, inspect, and finish at the highest level of quality and ability.

From the materials we use to the facilities themselves, we embrace a green sensibility in our operations. LED-sensory lights in the warehouses and factories turn off when crews aren’t active in certain areas and turn on when they walk in. Our products start with recycled materials, wood byproducts sourced from providers that don’t harm endangered species or environments, and composite wood that meets or exceeds California’s standards to reduce formaldehyde emissions. We also blend recycled polyester fibers into our fabrics and reconfigure designs to maximize yardage per roll. We believe our operations can be efficient while also being mindful of the environment.


Our list of showrooms is expanding and is the next step to delivering the Fríant experience to even more clients. With our San Leandro and Costa Mesa locations on the West Coast, our Atlanta and Suffolk locations on the East Coast, and our first global location in Shanghai, we’re looking to the future and how we can continue to introduce our products to the world by allowing our clients to touch, see, and feel them in person.


We work to make the process from concept to final product as simple and streamlined as possible. Our design team is here to assist in bringing your vision to life, whether it begins with a sketch or formal plans being established. We’re here to help our clients build a workspace and environment that fits their exact needs.

This is Fríant — all workstyles welcome.



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