Webinar Recap: “Navigating What’s Next” Panel Discussion

Webinar Recap: “Navigating What’s Next” Panel Discussion

We recently had the pleasure of hosting the webinar, Navigating What’s Next, a panel discussion with some of the brightest leaders in our industry about the present and future of furniture manufacturing, office design, and building design.

COVID-19 has most of the country’s knowledge workers working from home, many for the first time in their careers. With so much uncertainty hanging over us all and health guidelines in flux, there are myriad questions surrounding what the new normal of in-office work will look like. Now that employees have discovered that they can be just as productive — if not more so — at home, will hybrid work become the standard work schedule? Will more companies move to fully remote teams? If companies mandate a return to office once shelter in place requirements have lifted, what changes to office layouts will need to be made to help employees feel safe? Which of those changes will last beyond the end of the pandemic?

Our panel dove into these issues and much more in our webinar, including some insightful questions from our audience and great outlook and predictions from our very own CEO, Paul Friant. You can find our summary deck of the webinar here, highlighting the major talking points of our discussion. And if you weren’t able to watch live, you’ll find our recording of the session below.

Thank you so much to our amazing panelists who joined our discussion. They provided really engaging, thoughtful commentary that hopefully provided some clarity during this uncertain time.

Stay tuned for our next conversation!

Fríant In Action: Vagaro

Fríant In Action: Vagaro

Vagaro makes it easy for companies in the beauty and fitness industry to grow and run more efficiently with their dynamic scheduling and management software. But their team needed a workspace that would enable them to do the same. Vagaro worked closely with a Fríant dealer and chose our My-Hite tables to promote an adaptable environment for their team to sit or stand. Paired with Beam and Verity for privacy and storage, Fríant created the perfect solution to complete this vibrant and active workplace.

Project Scope

End user: Vagaro
Location: Pleasanton, California
Stations: 180
System type: My-Hite, Beam, Verity
Fabrics: Slide, Slate
Laminates: Cloud White, Light Walnut
Seating: Amenity Task Chair

My-Hite was the clear solution for this workplace

It was a no-brainer for the beauty and fitness company that their workspace should feel open and active. Our My-Hite table allows the user to seamlessly shift between sitting and standing, for team members who want to get some light activity in while they work. By integrating Beam with My-Hite, Vagaro created powered workstations that would keep their team efficient and productive.

Our Cloud White and Light Walnut laminates were used on the My-Hite tables and Verity mobile pedestals to match Vagaro’s bright and airy workspace.
This unique installation showcases our Slate fabric on the Beam mounted screen, providing privacy in an extremely functional environment.
Fríant was able to provide Vagaro with a total solution that will empower their team to grow and work as effectively as they help their clients to do.
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My-Hite Table



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