Terms and Conditions


All prices are F.O.B. factory. We reserve the right to change priceswithout prior notice.


Please send all purchase orders to orders@friant.com or fax to (510)(510) 535-6895. If you have any questions, please contact CustomerService at (510) 535-5113.


Net 30 days from date of invoice with established terms. Invoices aredelinquent if not paid (30) days from date of invoice. In the event timelypayment is not made, interest will be charged at the rate of 1.5% permonth on delinquent accounts. Buyers will also be liable for normalcollection costs and attorney fees.


Orders are only accepted by issuance of our formal acknowledgment,and are subject to the terms set forth herein and on our orderacknowledgment. It is the responsibility of the buyer to review ouracknowledgment for accuracy, and to notify Friant within 48 hours fromthe acknowledgment date of any discrepencies.

Order Change – Cancellations

Our order confirmation is final and binding. Any order change orcancellation is subject to our ability to conform. Such requests are to bemade in writing to our office.


No merchandise may be returned without our written consent andshipping instructions. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted and willbe returned freight collect. All packages are labeled with contents, and itis the customer’s responsibility to check box labels against the packinglist for accuracy before opening. If correctly labeled and undamagedproduct is removed from its original packaging, Friant will not acceptits return.


We are not responsible for damage suffered in transit. Merchandiseshould be inspected for possible freight damage upon delivery. Claimsfor damage or shortages should be filed by the consignee with thecarrier within 5 days of delivery. You are also protected for “concealeddamage” if you file claim with the carrier within 5 days of delivery. Allclaims against Friant for defects, errors or shortages must be made byBuyer in writing within 10 days after delivery. Failure to make such aclaim shall constitute full acceptance. All claims must be pre-approvedwith a P.O. issued by Friant before reimbursement and/or reinstallationwill be granted.


Friant generally palletizes, boxes and/or shrink wraps its products. IfBuyer requests additional packaging or special shipping, extra chargeswill apply. Buyer obtains title to products and assumes the risk of lossfor them upon shipment from Friant’s plant.

Partial Shipments

We will make every attempt to ship orders complete and on schedule.However, we reserve the right to make partial shipments as merchandiseis ready. Invoices covering these partial shipments are to be paid asthey become due.

Shipping and Prepaid Freight

Unless otherwise instructed, we reserve the option to ship by what is, in our opinion, the best possible way. Upon request, we will prepay and add freight for accounts with established credit.


We are not liable for delay or failure of delivery due to strikes and/or differences with workmen, war, riot, fire, compliance with government regulations, acts of nature, failure or delays of sources of supply, or any other causes beyond our control.

Construction – Specifications

All items are produced to price list specifications unless otherwiseadvised. All dimensions shown are approximate. Manufacturer reservesthe right to make modifications and/or improvements without priornotice.

Rights and Warranties – Limited Lifetime Warranty

This warranty is given to the initial purchaser and is valid from the dateof purchase, for as long as the product is owned by the initial purchaser.This warranty covers defects in material and craftsmanship foundduring normal usage of the product during the warranty period. If theproduct is defective, and if written notice of the defect is given to Friant& Associates within the applicable warranty period, Friant & Associates,at its option, will either repair or replace the defective product with acomparable component or product. This warranty applies to all productsexcept as noted below. High wear parts, such as fabrics, other coveringmaterial/finishes, foam, glides, edgebanding, etc. are warranted for One (1) Year. Thiswarranty does not apply to damage caused by a carrier, alteration to theproduct not expressly authorized by Friant & Associates, nor to productconsidered to be of a consumable nature such as bulbs, light ballasts,etc.

Friant & Associates does not guarantee the matching of colors, grain ortexture, except to within commercially acceptable standards.
A product will not be considered defective, and Friant & Associates willnot be obligated to replace it, if it is not installed in a proper manner (i.e.,product not leveled, not secured properly, etc…).
Except as noted above, Friant & Associates makes no express or impliedwarranties as to any product, and in particular makes no warranty offitness for any particular use. At Friant & Associates’ option, productrepair and/or replacement are the customer’s exclusive remedy for anyand all product defects.

Friant & Associates shall not be liable for consequential, economic orincidental damages arising from any product defect.

Care and Maintenance

Friant & Associates’ finish provides excellent stain and mar resistance.Care should be exercised when cleaning. The following precautions willhelp keep the product looking new:

  • Dust all surfaces on a regular basis with a soft damp cloth. Do not use spray polishes – especially those containing silicone.
  • Lift all objects from the surface when moving – never drag objects across the surface.
  • Metal objects should be kept from contacting the surface.