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Standard Lead Times
Extended (XLT) Lead Time
Will Calls
  • In addition to our standard lead times (below), we also offer two reduced-cost shipping programs, Quickship 10 Day and XLT (Extended Lead Time). To avoid delays, please send P.O.’s via fax (510) 535-6895 or submit in PDF format via email.


    Lead Time*


    MY-HITE Base Only 72 hours No changes /corrections/ cancellations
    MY-HITE Table 5 Days^/10 Days^^/3 Weeks^^^ No changes /corrections/ cancellations
    System 2 3-5 weeks 24 hours
    10 Day Quickship 10 business days 24 hours
    Novo 3-5 weeks 24 hours
    Verity 2-4 weeks*** 24 hours
    Dash 7-8 weeks*** 24 hours
    Interra 4-6 weeks*** 24 hours
    Gitana 48-72 hours No changes /corrections/cancellations
    Willow 7-10 weeks No changes /corrections/cancellations
    Mesa 7-10 weeks No changes /corrections/cancellations
    Casegoods 7-10 weeks 24 hours
    Parts 48 to 72 hours No changes /corrections/cancellations
    Seating 48 to 72 hours No changes /corrections/cancellations
    Monitor Arms 48 to 72 hours No changes /corrections/cancellations
    Standard Custom 7-10 weeks**** No changes /corrections/ cancellations
    * Includes business days only (weekends & holidays not included). Lead times are subject to availability.
    ** Begins the date of Acknowledgement
    **** Lead Time begins when signed Approval Drawings have been received by Friant
    ^ Rectangular My-Hite with M1 or M2 and MT or DT
    ^^ Rectangular My-Hite with M1-M13 and ETM
    ^^^ Additional Shapes My-Hite with M1-M13 and ETM

    Acknowledged ship dates are subject to change due to issues that may arise in scheduling or production. Friant will communicate these changes to the dealer within 1-2 business days prior to the acknowledged ship date.

  • 8-10 WEEKS

    Friant’s XLT program offers the dealer unsurpassed pricing on our System 2 and Gitana products. If your project has a 8-10 week lead time, you could possibly save up to 15-20% over our best price from Oakland. This program is ideal for those larger projects that can be extremely cost competitive.

  • Will call appointments must be confirmed in writing 24 hours in advance of pick up. The cut off time for scheduling appointments is noon the previous day. Will call hours are 7AM-2:20pm, closed Noon-1PM.Please bring your Pick-Up ticket to each Will Call appointment.

    Please note that your order may include multiple pick-up locations. Please check each Pick Up Notice to confirm correct locations.

    See Will Call Locations »