April 16, 2018 – Please Note: Our Oakland & Union City Corporate, Warehouse and Manufacturing operations have moved to San Leandro. Our new permanent address is 1980 West Avenue 140th, San Leandro, CA. 94577. As of April 9, 2018; our complete manufacture and warehouse operations have started work at our new and permanent address. All corporate related transactions (orders, payments, etc.) must be sent to our new address location.
Aug 9, 2017 – Please Note: My-Hite bases are moving to Union City. Orders entered for My-hite bases today will be available for shipment, will call and freight collect as of Aug 16. We will not be shipping, will call or freight collect on any new orders during the period of August 10-August 15. Existing orders in the system will be pre-pulled and available out of Oakland. Worksurfaces will remain in Oakland.

4.24.18: Update Interra Pricebook

4.16.18: Update System 2 and Novo 10-Day Quickship Pricebooks.

4.09.18: Update System 2 Sales Sheet, Gitana Pricebook.

4.04.18: New Novo 10-Day Quickship Pricebook and Sales Sheet, 2018 Fabric Card.

2.13.18: Update 2018 Dash Pricebook.

2.12.18: Update 2018 My-Hite Collection Pricebook.

2.09.18: Update 2018 Interra, Verity, Gitana, Dash and Willow Pricebooks.

2.08.18: Update 2018 My-Hite Collection, Interra, System 2, System 2 10Day Quickship, Willow, and Novo Pricebooks.

2.01.18: Update 2018 My-Hite Collection and Interra Pricebooks.

1.30.18: Update New 2018 Interra, Novo, System2, and System2 10Day Quickship Pricebooks.

1.21.18: Update New 2018 Novo and Interra Pricebooks.

1.18.18: Update New 2018 System2 10Day Quickship Pricebook.

1.09.18: Update New 2018 Interra Pricebook.

1.08.18: Update New 2018 My-Hite Collection Pricebook.

1.05.18: Update New 2018 System2 10Day Quickship Pricebook.

1.02.18: New New 2018 Interra and Gitana Pricebooks.

12.28.17: Update New 2018 System 2 10-Day Quickship and Novo Pricebooks.

12.27.17: New 2018 Interra, Dash, System 2, Novo, Verity and Willow Pricebooks.

12.21.17: Update Verity Pricebook.

12.20.17: New: 2018 Mesa and Seating Pricebooks.

12.11.17: Update: Interra-Dash Pricebook.

12.07.17: Update: Interra-Dash, Novo, System 2, System 2 Quickship and Tiles Pricebooks.

12.05.17: Update: Interra-Dash and Verity Pricebooks.

12.04.17: Update: Interra-Dash Pricebook.

12.01.17: Update: Interra-Dash, Novo, System 2, System 2 5Day & 10Day Quickship, and Tiles Pricebooks.

11.29.17: Update: Novo Pricebook.

11.28.17: Update: Interra-Dash, Novo, System2, System2 5 Day & 10 Day Quickship, and Tiles Pricebooks.

11.27.17: Update: My-Hite Collection Pricebook.

11.16.17: Update: Casegoods Pricebook.

11.15.17: Update: My-Hite Collection, Interra-Dash Pricebooks.

11.13.17: Update: Interra-Dash, Novo, System 2, System 2 Quickship 5 & 10 Day, Tiles and Verity Pricebooks.

11.08.17: Update: My-Hite Collection Pricebook.

11.03.17: Update: Interra-Dash, System 2 and Novo Pricebooks.

11.01.17: Update: Interra-Dash, System 2 and My-Hite Collection Pricebooks.

10.31.17: Update: Gitana and My-Hite Collection Pricebooks.

10.25.17: Update: Verity Pricebook.

10.23.17: Update: Interra-Dash Pricebook.

10.18.17: Update: Interra Installation Manual.

10.04.17: Update: Novo Pricebook.

9.28.17: Update: My-Hite Collection Pricebook.

9.25.17: Update: Novo Pricebook.

9.20.17: Update: My-Hite Collection Pricebook.

9.11.17: Update: Verity Pricebook.

9.08.17: Update: My-Hite Collection Pricebook.

8.28.17: Update: My-Hite Installation Manuals.

8.25.17: Update: My-Hite Collection Pricebook.

8.24.17: Update: My-Hite Power Beam Installation Manual.

8.23.17: Update: Verity Pricebook.

8.22.17: Update: My-Hite Collection Pricebook.

8.18.17: Update: My-Hite Collection Pricebook.

8.15.17: Update: My-Hite Collection Pricebook.

8.14.17: Update: Interra-Dash Pricebook.

8.08.17: Update:Interra-Dash Pricebooks.

8.03.17: Update: My-Hite Collection and Interra-Dash Pricebooks.

7.25.17: Update: Novo Installation Manual.

7.21.17: New: My-Hite, Worksurface Mounted Privacy Screen with Wire Management Gap, and Flush Brackets Installation Manuals.

7.14.17: Updated: Verity Pricebook.

7.13.17: Updated: My-Hite Collection Pricebook.

7.06.17: Updated: Novo Installation Manual.

7.05.17: New: Verity Power Pole Installation on Double-Sided Element.

6.30.17: New: Verity Power Pole Installation on Single-Sided Element. Updated: Verity and Interra-Dash Pricebooks.

6.28.17: Updated: Interra-Dash Pricebook.

6.26.17: Updated: Customer Service Contact Info.

6.20.17: Updated: Verity Pricebook.

6.19.17: Updated: Case Studies PDF files for Morrison & Foerster, and the San Francisco Credit Union. Customer Service map.

6.15.17: Updated: My-Hite Collection Pricebook.

6.09.17: Updated: Customer Service map.

6.08.17: Updated: Verity Pricebook.

6.05.17: Updated: GSA Contract.

6.02.17: Updated: System 2 Pricebook.

5.25.17: Updated: My-Hite Collection Pricebook.

5.23.17: New: My-Hite Troubleshoot Reference Sheet.

5.19.17: Updated: My-Hite Collection Pricebook.

5.15.17: Updated: Interra Installation Manual.

5.12.17: Updated: Shipping Time Maps.

5.9.17: Updated: My-Hite Power Beam Installation Manual.

5.8.17: 5 Day Quickship Temporarily Suspended Due to unexpected higher-than-normal demand, currently we have to temporarily suspend our 5-Day Quickship program. we will resume our normal program as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience that this might have caused.

5.13-16.17: Virginia Closed Friant’s Suffolk Virginia facility will be conducting a full physical inventory on 5/13 through 5/16, so please plan accordingly. No orders will be shipped from VA during that period!  We apologize for any inconvenience that this might cause.

Our California locations at Oakland and Union City will be open and shipping on normal schedule.

5.02.17: Updated: Interra/Dash Pricebook

4.27.17: NEW: My-Hite Power Beam Installation Manual.

4.25.17: Updated: System 2 Sales Sheet.

4.24.17: Updated: Verity Pricebook.

4.18.17: Updated: Sales Sheets for Interra, Dash, My-Hite, Novo, Tiles, Verity, Quickship 5 and 10 Day.

4.18.17: Updated: Shipping Times Maps.

4.12.17: Updated: Gitana Pricebook.

4.11.17: Updated: Pricebooks for Interra/Dash, My-Hite, Novo, System 2, Tiles and Verity.

4.11.17: NEW: My-Hite Pedestal Top Cap Installation Manual.

4.10.17: Updated: Fabric Card and Finishes.

4.5.17: Updated: Pricebooks for Interra/Dash, Novo, System 2, Tiles, Verity, Quickship 5 & 10 Day, and Gitana.

4.3.17: Updated: My-Hite Pricebook.

3.30.17: Updated: Interra/Dash Pricebook.

3.27.17: VERITY CABINETS & DASH PRODUCT LEAD TIME: Please note that, due to the overwhelming popularity of our Verity cabinets, production is currently at capacity, and we are 100% booked for Verity cabinets and all Dash through 4/30. New orders for these items will be dated for after 4/30 (please keep in mind this means some orders will have over a 5 week lead time).

Should you have a rush job, please don’t hesitate to contact your local sales rep or Friant customer service to see if changes can be made to accommodate your time frame.

3.24.17: Updated: Interra/Dash Pricebook, and Friant’s General Freight Program. Please see the Freight Page for details.

3.20.17: Updated: Novo Installation Manual.

3.13.17: Updated: Verity Sales Sheet.

3.10.17: Updated: Interra/Dash Pricebook.

3.8.17 HAYWARD LOCATION CLOSED: Friant has consolidated all of the materials from our Hawyard facility into our new Union City location! You can find us at: 33201 Dowe Ave, Union city, CA 94587.

2.27.17: Updated: Novo Installation Manual.

2.20.17  HOLIDAY CLOSURES – Friant will be closed for President’s Day. Please be advised that this may incur 24-48 hour delays in shipping. We wish you all the very best over the holiday!

1.9.17-1.10.17 PLEASE BE ADVISED: Severe snow storms and ice are expected in the Suffolk Virginia area. This could result in delays in shipments scheduled for 1/9/17 and 1/10/17. Please plan accordingly.

1.12.17: Starting on all order received after 1.1.17, Grommets on Dash are now optional, not standard. Please refer to your Dash Pricebook for full details.

12.26.16  HOLIDAY CLOSURES – Friant will be closed for Christmas Day. We wish you all the very best over the holiday!

12.22.16  Hardsurface Finishes – Our selection of Hardsurface finishes has expanded to match our M1-M29 colors. Now you can get as creative as you wish designing your office: Friant can match  our laminate selections to our casegoods for seamless look Please check our Finishes Page for the full Hardsurface range.

11.4.16  GITANA PRICEBOOK UPDATED WITH NEW LIGHT WALNUT – Friant is proud to add our 4th color to our Gitana Casegoods line. The finish is shown on the Gitana page, as well as added to our Gitana Pricebook.

10.24.16  CUSTOMER SERVICE CHANGES – Friant is happy to announce some changes to our dedicated customer service department. Start today, Joan Le will taking over for Jonathan Buchmann’s old territory, and our own Tara Capizano will be stepping into Joan’s old territory. If you have any questions, please see our customer service map!