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Friant Acts Its Age | April 2015

Friant is a company built on hard work and customer service. It certainly wasn’t easy when Friant launched the company with $1,500 in his pocket and a fierce determination to succeed. Download PDF (4.2 MB)

The Friant Makeover | September 2013

The new branding effort is reflected in a new design refresh of one of its most important products. Download PDF (31.1 MB)

Friant comes through again for Oakland Children’s Hospital | December 2012

There are many worthy charity organizations in Oakland, Calif., but few do as much good as the Children’s Hospital & Research Center, a world-class pediatric hospital and research institute. So when Friant & Associates was looking for a neighbor in the Bay Area to help, the Children’s Hospital was a natural. Download PDF (283 KB)

Dash by Friant | November 2012

Dash by Friant is a smart, simple desking system that is easy to specify, install and configure. It has been designed with contemporary finishes and details such as sleek pulls, tapered legs and a hidden power trough for convenient power/data access. (Limited offering to Advantage dealers only; available March 2013) Download PDF (155 KB)

Interra by Friant | June 21, 2012

The ideal panel system for today’s workplace, Interra from Friant is durable, flexible and stylish while addressing demand for a value-driven solution. (Limited offering to Advantage dealers only) Download PDF (128 KB)

The Dealer Margin Play | May 28, 2012

When Paul Friant hears competitors talk about the demise of systems furnitures, he chuckles a bit (and wishes them the best of luck selling whatever it is they believe will replace systems). Friant, chief executive officer and president of Friant and Associates, understands that styles change, but systems will remain an important part of the office for many years to come. Download PDF (532 KB)

Friant Helps Dealers Bottom Line | April 9, 2012

All things being equal, why wouldn’t you buy based on price? Friant, the upstart California furniture maker that blends company-controlled Asian suppliers with US manufacturing, takes that question a step further: If you are a dealer and sell Friant’s products with substantially greater margins, why would you sell anything else? Download PDF (485 KB)

Friant & Associates: Innovating Office Furniture Solutions | December 2011

Paul Friant started Friant & Associates LLC in 1990 as a company that manufactures innovative, customizable, surprisingly affordable high-end office systems. In the process he reformulated the way the furniture industry does business. Download PDF (54 KB)

A New Seating Player | March 1, 2011

Friant says he belives office chairs are simply too complicated. “Once you get that office chair finally set to level of being comfortable, you dare not touch it”, he says. Friant and Associates, a company whose formula consists of low-cost high-quality products, and a streamlined manufacturing process, will introduct their latest chair, Celesse, in April, which combines comfort and support with an innovative adjustable lumbar mechanism. Download PDF (3 MB)

Friant Crafts Plans to Rebuild | November 10, 2010

When the economy tanked, Friant and Associates decided to innovate. Friant, an office furniture company that designs and manufactures its own products, took the opportunity to create new chairs and innovative panel systems. It looked outside the bay area for new customers and took its furniture nationwide. Download PDF (250 KB)

Friant and Associates Turns 20 | September 6, 2010

In many ways, Friant’s story is simple and sounds the same as many entrepeneurs in the office furniture industry.

Paul Friant has always been a do-it-yourself kind of guy. and he built a company with the same attitude: WHen your customer has a problem, you fix it for them. Download PDF (652 KB)

The Second Generation | June 28, 2010

While the assent of the industry’s elite within the largest companies is an interesting study in business transition, the fascinating stories about parents, their children and the office furniture industry can be found in smaller (and growing) companies. Download PDF (655 KB)